Sábado, 09. Outubro 2021, Rossio Square, Street Art Walking Tour

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Rossio Square

Rossio Square
PortugalLisboaPraça Dom Pedro IV
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Art is everywhere in Lisbon, even on the streets. But do you ever take time to think about the meaning behind the graffities so many people pass by? Come and explore Lisbon’s art with us and get to know the city from a whole different perspective!

As you probably know, Lisbon is well known for its ‘azulejos’. However, we bet that you did not know our city is also considered an open-air canvas for urban street art. In fact, Portugal is ranked in the top 10 countries for outstanding street art! Lisbon’s decorated walls are without a doubt the true hidden artistic beauty of this beautiful city and we want to share this with you on our tour!

Street Art has become a strong movement in the Portuguese capital with artists being commissioned to decorate the walls and doorways of the winding streets. The tour will take you to Mouraria to discover iconic pieces by local and international artists such as Banksy, Utopia, Vhils and Shepard Fairey.

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Street Art is something that is constantly changing with time - one minute it is there and the next it is gone!

While some of these pieces tend to be for the mere fun of it, many are political in nature and aim to make a statement to be seen by any and all who pass by. During this tour, our expert guide will also uncover the political, historical and cultural movements behind these impressive murals and tags.

What are you waiting to join us and discover the unknown side of Lisbon?

Street Art Walking Tour, Rossio Square evento

.:. Organização Evento Tirolesa Indoor

.:. Organização Evento Tirolesa Indoor

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