Sábado, 04. Abril 2020, Salvador, Sacred Sisters Soul Retreat

A partir de 04. Abril 2020 - 12:00
Até 12. Abril 2020 - 15:00


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The Sacred Sister Soul Retreat, exclusively for women of color, is an opportunity to explore the culture and history of Salvador, Brazil’s own little Africa. Over the course of 8 days, we will dive into our vital feminine life force and female sexuality through daily Kundalini Yoga, Active Tantric Meditations, and Rebirthing. In addition, we will learn essential tools for female health such as Ovarian Breathing, Kegel Exercises, and Natural Gynecology. Our exploration of Salvador, the blackest city in Brazil, will include visiting Afro- Brazilian religious centers, receiving spiritual cleanses, seeing the internationally-recognized Dance Troupe: Bale Folclorico, participating in Afro-Brazilian dance classes and relaxing on beautiful beaches.

Are you a woman of color who needs some “me time”? Are you exhausted and stressed from taking care of everyone else of doing everything for everyone?  Are you feeling overwhelmed with little time for yourself?
Now is the time to put YOU first. During our retreat, we’ll guide you in active tantric meditations, kundalini and orgasmic yoga, as well as self awareness exercises to help you connect to your inner power and manifest all of your desires.  
Would you like to connect with nature, the elements and feel as if you belong and are connected to all?  Salvador, Brazil is a powerful place where you can connect with the healing waters and leave here feeling renewed, refreshed and empowered.  ​

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Imagine yourself in little Africa, where the people look like you.  Where the culture is rich in delightful foods, music and dancing.  Indulge in the Afro-Brazilian dance.  Allow your body to come alive through the Afro-Brazilian rhythms.  Permit orgasmic sensations throughout your entire body with the rich Bahia foods.
Are you in need of some laughs? Some fun time to destress from all that hard work you put in?  On our retreat you will enjoy the beautiful sights, connect with amazing sisters, build stronger bonds, heal, meditate and most importantly have fun as well!
Tantra is the art and science of pure bliss and ecstasy in all we do!  We only have one life in this body, so let’s enjoy it to the utmost!
Your Inner Goddess and your Tribe AWAITS…

Begin your journey with an Afro-Brazilian cultural experience: Experience the Tastes, Sounds, and Energy of Bahia…
Then begin your healing TRANSFORMATION.

Beautiful 8 nights in Bahia walking distance to the worlds most amazing beaches
Portobello Ondina Praia hotel will be your first stop, where you stay while exploring the Historic District, the culture, the dance and the amazing beaches.  It is a gorgeous hotel located in Ondina with beachfront views.
Vilangelim Eco Resort will be your home away from home during the 5-day retreat portion.  You will have time in between the meditations to lounge on the hammock, by the pool or silent walks to the nearby beach or river.   At nights you can lounge by the pool sipping on herbal tea or a glass of wine. You will feel inspired and completely relaxed as if you could touch the sky.   
An all Inclusive Sacred Sisters Soul Retreat
Bahia, Brazil 2019 (exclusively for women of color)
Allow yourself a week to renew, remember, reconnect, rebirth and rejuvenate your mind, soul and physical body. Dive into the cultural experience of Bahia and then escape into the peacefulness of nature on the beach. Detox from daily distractions of social media, technology, toxic eating and caring for everything and everyone else. This is your time to put you first. This is your time for you to experience what it feels like to be cared for by you.

Your All Inclusive Shared Room Investment
Your All Inclusive Single Room Investment
*Pre-early bird pricing: until 10/31/19
$2,350 shared double room
$2,850 single room
*Early bird pricing: from 11/1/19 until 12/30/19
$2,550 shared double room
$3,050 single room
$300 non-refundable deposit toward your wellness investment due upon registration.
*Payments to be made at Paypal: retreatswithrenee@gmail.com
* Payment plans accepted, final payment by 3/1/20.

*3% transaction fee applied to each payment.

What’s Included:

9 days & 8 nights accommodations in Bahia
Vegetarian meals and restaurant meals during the cultural portion
Active Tantric meditations
Kundalini Yoga
Full Moon Ceremony
Silent nature walks/hikes

What’s Not Included

Roundtrip travel to the retreat location
Travel/trip cancellation insurance (strongly advisable)
Visa to Brazil

Sacred Sisters Soul Retreat, Salvador evento

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.:. Organização Evento Tirolesa Indoor

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