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Salvador, Brazil

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Samba School Tour
Afro-Rio Tour
Afro-Bloco Workshop
Baile Charme
Afro-Brazilian Cooking Class
Salvador Black Heritage Tour
Afro Dance Class
Christ The Redeemer Statue
Alluring beaches
Great food

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Have you always been intrigued by Brazil’s Black culture and history?
Are you tired of the same old family Thanksgiving dinners?
Are you frustrated from family asking you about when you will have kids or start a family during those Thanksgiving meals?
Do you want to flee the impending winter weather for stunning beaches?
Ready for a different Thanksgiving?
Ready to explore little Africa within Brazil?
Ready for some exotic drinks and scrumptious food?
Are you feeling overwhelmed with little time for yourself and just need to have some fun time?
Well, look no more!  
Now is the time to put YOU first without guilt.
During our trip, we will guide you throughout Rio and Salvador to reconnect to your roots, dance, learn Samba, eat rich foods, drink delicious cocktails, and delight your ears to Brazilian music.
Would you like to connect with nature, the elements and feel as if you belong and are connected to all?  Salvador and Rio, Brazil are powerful cities where you can connect with the healing waters and leave here feeling renewed and refreshed.  ​
Imagine yourself in little Africa, where the people look like you.  Where the culture is rich in delightful foods, music and dancing.
Indulge in the Afro-Brazilian dance.  Allow your body to come alive through the Afro-Brazilian rhythms.
Permit orgasmic sensations throughout your entire body with the rich Bahian foods.
Are you in need of some laughs? Some fun time to destress from all that hard work you put in?  On our trip, you will enjoy the beautiful sights, connect with amazing sisters, build stronger bonds, dance, sing and most importantly have the time of your life!
This year, celebrate Thanksgiving and Brazil’s Black Consciousness month in the two blackest cities you can visit outside of Africa–Rio de Janeiro and Salvador da Bahia!
The “Queen” of Rio, Kiratiana and the “Mayor” of Salvador, Renee will personally guide you to places our ordinary tour guide wouldn’t take you too.
A seven-day, two-city tour that will immerse you in Brazil’s black history and culture through its people, music, dance, food and nature.
Rio de Janeiro draws in visitors with its natural beauty and world-famous carnival, but few people are aware that the city’s Black Brazilians gave birth to samba music and its carnival parade.
Salvador is known as Brazil’s Black Rome—80 percent of the city’s population is Black. Next year, Salvador will host one of the world’s biggest celebrations of black culture—the AfroPunk festival.

Every November, Afro-Brazilians celebrate Black Consciousness month—a month in which they celebrate their resistance and resilience against racism and oppression. The month originates with the story of Zumbi dos Palmares, one of Brazil’s most revered black leaders. At the end of the 17th century he and his wife Dandara led an independent community of escaped slaves, protecting them against the approaching Europeans. The Palmares “Quilombo” was Brazil’s first maroon society. He died on November 20, and since the 1970s Afro-Brazilians have celebrated this day as Black Consciousness Day. Afro-Brazilians have taken it a step farther and celebrate the entire month of November.
Our first night will start with dinner at a rooftop restaurant with amazing views overlooking Rio de Janeiro–unlimited Caipirinhas included. Next up, a samba school experience at one of Rio de Janeiro most loved samba schools (hint: it’s not actually a school).
And if that’s not enough, there is always Rio’s famed Baile Charme.
Your visit to Rio de Janeiro will start with Christ the Redeemer, the statue that overlooks the city from the Tijuca Forest in which you will have picturesque views.
Then we will head to the City of Samba—a warehouse district where Rio’s samba schools prepare for carnival. We will learn how Rio’s revered Black spiritual mothers threw spiritual festivals that birthed samba music.
Renee and Kiratiana will take you to  Arpoador beach to see one of the best sunsets in the world.   But the day doesn’t have to end!
You can choose to follow Kiratiana to Madureira where Brazil’s black community parties it up throughout the weekend.
Let’s get turnt up!
First we will head to the famous Lapa stairs for that coveted Instagram photo.
Then we will visit the Providencia favela community to tour with community resident Cosme Felipssen. Brazil’s favela communities have a distinct connection to Afro-Brazilian heritage. After emancipation in 1888, Blacks in Rio de Janeiro fled to the hills to construct their homes.
The Brazilian cultural traditions that you know today—samba music, capoeira to name a few—emerged from these communities.
Then we will head to “Pequena Africa,”—Little Africa. Rio de Janeiro’s port was the most active port in the transatlantic slave trade—more than 2 million captured Africans passed through the city. Our Afro-Rio tour will tell this history and more.
We will end the tour with a samba party at Rio de Janeiro’s Pedra do Sal.  
We started our trip with the seductive sea and breathtaking views of the mountains that Rio has to offer.  
Next, we head to Salvador da Bahia, for the infamous Tuesdays in Pelourinho. We will walk through the historic district, shop for souvenirs and visit where Michael Jackson performed They Don’t Really Care About Us.  
Pelourinho is a great area for partying at night or just going to a neighborhood bar.
This is an opportunity to explore the culture and history of Salvador, Brazil’s own little Africa.
First, you saw Little Africa of Rio and now you explore it in Bahia.  
Our exploration of Salvador, the Blackest city in Brazil, will include visiting Afro- Brazilian religious centers, seeing the internationally-recognized Dance Troupe: Bale Folclorico, participating in Afro-Brazilian dance classes at the world-renowned Funceb dance school.
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